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May 25 2002 Frog People Reported
Strange News from the Jax Chess News
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Frog People Reported

Strange News by Bradley Zang
 Members of the Société D'Échecs De Pelterie in Troyes France (SEPT)( Pelterie Chess Society- a chess club founded over a half a century ago by space scientists) have an interesting story to tell.
 In 1973, several of SEPT's members were invited to a secret French Govt meeting. That meeting led to the formation of France's own independent Space Program. 
While Jules Vern's dream of manned flight to the moon was realized by America in 1969, France wanted to do it one better. 
The protracted goal discussed was manned flight to another solar system. 
One major problem was at their rocket's highest speed, the nearest star Alpha Centuri (four light years away) could take decades, even centuries, to reach. 
How could the pilots survive such a long trip? Cryogenic Stasis was their answer.
 According to Paul Lefont, a SEPT chess player and rocket engineer. 
This is his story in his own words. " First, let me thank the Jax Chess News for hearing my story. French scientists had to overcome the problem of some organs actually turn to dust during the freezing of humans. This is because ice crystals get so large they rupture cell and other tissue. (To date we have not accomplished reanimation after freezing people.) 
A chess player and exobiologist from SEPT by the name of Morris Pufaar was the first to try and solve the problem. He had read of a biological experiment in America that caught his eye. It did so because it was done by the USCF. He later realized it was not the United States Chess Federation, but the University of California San Francisco. 
Anyway, UCSF researchers fused a segment of DNA containing a gene from the African clawed frog (Xenopus) with the DNA from the bacterium E. coli and placed the resulting DNA back into an E. coli cell. 
There, the frog DNA was copied, and the gene it contained directed the production of a specific frog protein. (This was the first time an animal gene was cloned.) Mr. Pufaar wondered why this couldn't be done with the Rana Sylvatica Wood Frog? (A Canadian frog that is mostly frozen certain times of the year.) It survives freezing because it has an ice nucleating protein molecule that resemble ice lattices. This keeps the ice crystals from getting big enough to damage the frog's tissue.
 In just one year, France's Frozen Frog Protein Synthesis Project was a success. The project was put under the auspices of the Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure (DGSE - French Secret Service) with France's top secret and most secure classification.
 The finished experiment was placed in the impenetrable vault at a French Army Base in Chaumont (NE France). All that remained was to find a better transfer agent like a retrovirus to deliver the gene to the DNA of embryos of future astronauts. 
We liked to call our goal perfectionnement génétique.
 It took communist spies from the Inter cosmos program, operating out of Debrecen Hungary, over two weeks to steal the sample hybrid frozen frog E-coli bacteria after its creation.
 I believe due to a resulting fire fight between French and Hungarian security services in March of 1974 somewhere in Austria on the Danube river, the bacteria was released into the environment." It should be noted that modified bacteria by itself can introduce genes into cells. The process is called transfection. 
Are French Frog People the norm today? Did France and Hungary accidentally introduce this gene that could enter the European embryos causing changes in the European human DNA?
 If this occurred, it was actually the second punch of a two punch knock out. 
On April 15 of this year researchers at the University of California at Berkely may have discovered the first punch hitting the Old World. Atrazine a common weed killer (introduced to Europe in 1960) was found to affect the sex of frogs. Producing multiple sex organs. It often changes their sex from male to female.
 Worse; it does so at a level lower than detected in the rainfall of some of these countries (.1 parts per billion ) Could estrogen imitating herbicides like Atrazine affect the sex of future chess playing children born in countries like Hungary? Overuse of Atrazine in Hungary may be responsible for new species of atrazine resistant weeds cropping up there. (Since 1981 75% of Hungary's agricultural land is infested with atrazine resistant pig weed) 
Maria Aladar President of the Maryar Homokos Sakk Klub (MHSK) ( a Hungarian Gay and Lesbian Chess Club in Debrecen) says, "There is nothing to worry about. Some types of frogs change sex on their own. Its their choice and right. " 
Viktoria Gyorgy her life mate and treasurer of the MHSK says, "Some Male frogs have been known to touch other males during mating frenzies. It is natural and beautiful." 
"That isn't the issue " say's Don Stensen a Danish Chess player, "I want to know if Herbicides like Atrazine could be responsible for the lowered sperm count in Europe.
 In Denmark a recent study (1998) 700 Danish army recruits tested showed that almost half had been found to have sperm counts low enough to make it difficult to father children. 
If this continues, in another 50 years, most men may be sterile." That's not the issue either say's Franswa Foix vice president of SEPT, " The issue is great chess players who should have been men were born as women because of this one two punch ecological disaster. For example, the Polgar Sisters from no other country than Hungary born after 1974 and the women chess players from France like Lautier. This may be getting out of control."
 Scott Blanchant of Troyes say's "My wife has warts and sometimes croaks with a man's voice when she catches me playing chess with my friends." "Don't let frenchmen try and dictate the issue!" says Mike Finsen of Denmark, "European sperm count has been dropping by 3% a years since we started using Atrazine. (Twice the drop in the U.S. The U.S. does use atrazine.) It changes frog's sex therefore it can affect the sex organs of people or make it harder to conceive male children. " 
Jean Blanchect of SEPT say's, "Don't listen to those pastries! (Danish) The issue is my wife should have been born a man. Look at her. She is ugly like an American man." 
As this story broke we are getting reports of American frogs invading the parks of Aquitaine France. "I try and play chess in the park but they seem to want to jump on the chess boards to obstruct our game.", says Gerald Bourne, "Giant American Bull Frogs have invaded France by the hundreds of thousands. They may be attracted to the high testosterone levels men get when they play Chess." Rumor has it they were imported originally for biological research to improve on French Navy Frogmen's underwater breathing capacity. 
Some of these frogs escaped over two decades ago the population may be in the millions soon.
 I assigned Brad Zang a JCN co-editor the job of heading an investigation into these strange events. His conclusions are as follows.
 I read our committee' s 150 page report and concluded. 
1) The evidence submitted here was based on the hearsay testimony of a few French chess players. 
2) While I think something is rotten in Denmark. I can't believe the claim that Mutant Trans gender Frog People have invaded the chess community. 
3) None of the French or Hungarian chess players that wrote in agreed on what the issues are. 
4) As Gerald Sohn former President of the Orange Park Chess Club put it " The French Space Program (CNES) has had real problems. Their Ariane 5 Rockets can barely reach orbit. It is silly to think they can reach another solar system." So I dismissed the committee. Respectfully submitted Brad Zang May 20, 2002, 
Chairmen of the JCN French Trans gender Chess Playing Frog People Investigation committee.